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Tweet Tweet

Just a quick post to let you know we’ve added a Twitter account to our site. Tweet and Retweet us and we’ll love you to bits 😀 We are @Dappled_Sky if you would like to follow us and we’ve also put the icon of the little tweety blue bird on the website home page header… Continue reading Tweet Tweet

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At the beginning of May we made this Happy Incense Bottle Kiln for our friend Adrian as a birthday gift. We love incense wafting in the garden, and helping to spread a calm and relaxed vibe around the home… and we knew that was Adrian’s kind of thing too. We’ll he had his birthday and… Continue reading HAPPY VIBE

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George Meowcal

We’ll I guess it would be nice … if I could touch your body. I know not everybody’s got a body like you … Sound familiar? Check out our latest little video … George Meowcal ceramic cat, spinning around to the sound of the hit song Faith by George Michael Last week we completed a… Continue reading George Meowcal

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Birds of Freedom

These handmade and hand painted ceramic little works of art aren’t actually made to go outdoors, but on a day like today, with the sun shining and the birds singing - who could resist a photo opportunity of them perched in the trees. (please tap on the video to open if it’s not showing automatically… Continue reading Birds of Freedom

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Exciting times here at Dappled Sky ! It was Deborah's birthday on Friday, but no ... that wasn't the big excitement ... so what was it ???! On Friday we finally delivered our first batch of ceramic wares to Mai Accents. We carefully packed up a batch of the delightful Fungo Teapots and travelled carefully… Continue reading HAPPY FUNGO