Dappled Sky have produced small batch ranges of mugs for dedicated cycling clubs and bike owners clubs in the UK, such as the Lyme Racing Club and the Bianci Owners Club UK.


Dappled Sky collections are stocked in bricks and mortar shops in the UK, such as the wonderful Ginger Kate Preloved Clothing boutique in Market Harborough, where Kate displays the Dappled Sky ceramics alongside other talented makers and her unique flavour of vintage and designer clothing and accessories.


Dappled Sky ltd collaborated with Marzia Kjellberg (Mai Accents online shop) to create handmade ceramics to her specifications and designs, selling internationally to a dedicated audience via her online shop Mai Accents. In 2022 Marzia moved to Japan with her husband Felix (Pew Die Pie) and dogs, and in January 2023 she closed her shop to focus on family life.

Items specifically made for Mai Accents include the Circus Pug vase, the Clown Pug vase, The Red Fungo Teapot, the Mushroom Brown Fungo Teapot, the blue Dotty Tsuika plant pot and the Pink Cow Print Tsuika plant pot and the Speckled Nami vase.


Dappled Sky ltd have also taken personal commissions for individuals wanting bespoke items such as a special character cats. Designs have included a Charlotte Bronte cat and a portrait of iconic UK textile designer and St Martin’s School of Art lecturer, Natalie Gibson MBE.

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