Button it.

I’m involved in this exhibition – glad to see it got coverage in Selvedge magazine – it runs until 8th August – Macclesfield Heritage Centre. Still a few days left to visit. Here is as photo of the two of the button display boards  - mine is the red one,  top centre, with an eye patch.


A link to The Button Project mention by Selvedge.

Here are a few more photos from the Heritage Centre venue plus a mural in Macclesfield town (near the bus station) commissioned for the Barnaby festival by KREK






Today I went along to the Boomerang Vintage and Retro shop in the newly spruced up Lightworks arcade – in Hednesford Staffordshire.

The arcade will look fabulous when all the units are full, it looks good already and has a nice mix of stylish shops and hairdressers and other businesses.

Boomerang is a fab little shop, so beautifully presented with a coordinated fifties flavour. Such gorgeous furniture and interior finds plus small gift items too. It’s well worth a visit. I’ll definitely be going back and I promised to buy something next time.

Well done Lyndsey and Steve – it looks fab .

Good luck to you both and I look forward to coming along to some of your future events and using your website shop too when that opens.

I just wish I’d taken a photo! And that turquoise typewriter is ace!

….next time!

Boomerang Vintage and Retro Facebook page

Doll Day – Another fine mess

Another fine mess

This comical head ( with no body ) was lying on a market stall and I had to have him. Makes me smile how his head swings from side to side.

It is printed cardboard and a flexible metal strip mounted between two small blocks of wood.

If you now how this was supposed to look and how it works I’d love to know.

He reminds me of Oliver Hardy   (Laurel and Hardy)


Rolling Clay with Keith


Sitting here in the home of the Potteries – this video was bound to strike a chord with me and made me smile. Love it!!! Excellent piece of marketing.

Good luck to all British potters out there, especially any Stoke on Trent based studio potters, designers, makers and ceramic industries. Maybe Keith’s pop video will get some businesses thinking about different ways to market their work and grab people’s attention.

I wonder what Adele makes of the video?

If you are wondering –  the plates and mugs in the video (with imprinted words) are the work of British ceramics designer Keith Brymer Jones – based in Whitstable I believe http://www.keithbrymerjones.com

He’s the star of the film too – good sport!

Don’t Look Back in Anger

So I’m thinking … all those promises that we made to ourselves last New Year – can we look back and think that we did what we said we would do?

Did you stick to your word ? Did you do things for a little while and then maybe you ‘diversified’ your plans ( I don’t like to say failed!) Did you do anything memorable that wasn’t planned? Did life throw you a big fat snowball in the face that you had to deal with… and despite the odds you’re still here to tell the tale!

Looking back , What did you do in 2012 that was worth saying – “YES, I DID THAT” ?

Well here’s my reflective moment -

  • I said that I’d start doing some interviews with inspiring and creative people for the DappledSky site, I did that!
  • I said I’d do a creative share project – and in February I co-ordinated “Made to Exchange” on DappledSky, which was a challenge in some respects and rewarding in many other ways with international participants.
  • I said that I’d put my own creative plans into action and that I’d put my own creations into a fair or show of some kind. Well – I made some more of my characters, I wrote stories for them and I did some private commissions too. I dabbled in the local Pop-up Emporium, showcasing some of my brooches. Two of my characters were selected by Craftspace and MadeByHandOnline for the brilliant Unit Twelve Craft Open exhibition in November and I also showed my brooches and three figures at two great craft exhibitions locally in November and December. I didn’t sell any characters ( they are expensive) but I enjoyed making them and I’ve had more ideas on how to move them forward into other areas but I’d still like to get them into some galleries.

Here are some faces from DappledSky.com since it started …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


On a more personal level…

  • My husband and I had a wonderful anniversary holiday and I’ll never forget being on the island of Simi, eating gorgeous food, sat next to crystal blue waters. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.
  • I ended one full-time job and started a new part-time job – which came with the challenge of re-learning how you use Windows and other programmes I’d not touched for years.
  • I’ve met lots of new people and made new friends.

Not too bad! … I plan to keep this creative stone rolling for 2013 and see if it can gather some speed. I’ve been asked if I’d like to curate and exhibition and will start to discuss that in the new year. Next year I need to get the house sorted and get the studio room back into action. I want to make more leisure use of our camper van and have lots more fab homegrown holidays in the British summer sunshine …. now that plan might be a little more difficult to orchestrate!

What plans are you hatching for 2013?