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Fabulous Frida

We’ve been super busy creating new Frida Kahlo inspired cats for you and putting them in our Etsy shop. As always, each of our Frida Kahlo cats is unique - no two are ever decorated the same. We seek inspiration from the great woman herself, using the palette of colours that she wore and her… Continue reading Fabulous Frida

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Meet our Frida Kahlo Cat – Frida Katlo

We're very proud of our new kitty icon Frida Katlo, a ceramic cat homage to the enigmatic Mexican artist of the 20th century - the one and only, fabulous Frida Kahlo. She will be on sale soon via our Etsy shop... but right now she is making her appearance at a few craft fairs. Her… Continue reading Meet our Frida Kahlo Cat – Frida Katlo


Where the magic happens…

We just thought that we would let you in on a secret  ... this is where the magic happens ... well at least some of it ... a lot happens in the shed too. In the the 'spare room' that we like to call 'the studio' is where and all drawing, the lino cutting, the… Continue reading Where the magic happens…