Are you seeing the best of me?

Keeping on top of modern life!

Do you feel like you have different sides to your personality, different little pockets of friends, social circles and they possibly have different opinions on you and what you do?

Don’t worry – this isn’t a crisis of confidence or personality disorder I’m talking about, it’s about modern life and all those options and choices we have out there.

You know how many different ways there are to communicate and reach out to people these days, right? … it’s not just about your website anymore is it?

There’s all that social media thingamajig out there … and there’s so much of it.

I’ve tried quite a few over the years, and decided that I don’t understand or feel connected to some of them and so I don’t use loads of platforms. These days I just use facebook and instagram really.

I’m trying to keep life simple, but even I feel like I’m not probably reaching people and maybe I have to spread out my content and time across trying to keep each one topped up and populated!

So, just incase you’re interested, I wanted to let you know that even though I’ve been cutting back on my use of social media in many ways lately (I’m not on twitter anymore and I don’t use my personal facebook profile anymore either) I’m still using the DappledSky Facebook page and I’m enjoying using instagram quite a bit.

So maybe, I was just thinking, if you don’t think I write on here very often and might think I’m not doing anything creative… well I am , and I thought that you might like to hookup on one of the other places too. The feel of the content is a bit different and you’ll get a peak at my latest photo and arty picture posts there as they happen.

Don’t get me wrong – what’s good about this place where we are now – here – right now – ( the website ) is that we can have a chat, like I’m doing now… there’s more room to talk, more character space to share some thoughts. Plus I feel that readers have more time and attention span here too – possibly more than you would expect on social media – where it’s all about a quick instapost or Facebook Story.

So here’s a few images from instagram you might have missed lately … let me know what you think.

Tempted to check it out?

If you fancy popping on to social media and finding Dappled Sky there, maybe share with your friends too – please search for @dappledsky_com on instagram and @dappledsky on facebook.

If you have pages on insta or FB please leave a comment below and I’ll pop over and check out what you are doing on there too.