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What’s in stock?

Answer: It’s an ever changing answer really, but as I’m typing this on a lovely summery Sunday evening, sat on our sofa in Stoke on Trent ( with Countryfile playing on the tv in the background !) I can tell you that we’ve got 6 Fridas, just 1 David and a couple of Freddies, plus… Continue reading What’s in stock?

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It’s been a while

It’s one of those posts that starts with that old “We’ve not posted anything on here for a while” line. Yep it’s true, it’s been a while. We’ve been posting plenty in facebook and instagram but the website has been a little ignored ( soz ... our bad!) Lots has happened since our last check… Continue reading It’s been a while

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Star Man , waiting in the sky

Are you already starting to look for something a bit Christmassy to buy as a gift or just to adorn your beautiful festive home?What about “Star Man” ? He's our gorgeous white, cobalt and gold figure in our Glam Rock Cats collection. They are all individually handmade and decorated by hand uniquely... no two are… Continue reading Star Man , waiting in the sky

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David Meowie … in the making

We're in the process of making our next small batch of David Meowie cats, and when they are ready they'll go straight into our online shop. Our ceramic cat figurines go through several processes before they are ready to go in to our online shop. Each stage takes quite a long time, especially the natural… Continue reading David Meowie … in the making