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Freedom Birds

We’ve finally started to make our much anticipated Freedom Birds. After more than a year of us all dreaming of freedom, during lockdowns and all the seasons – we were being bewitched by beautiful little birds in the garden too. So we wanted to create some ceramic feathered friends and we’ve called them our ‘Freedom Birds’ .

During those strangest of times, when reality shifted and the future seemed dark … but the sun was shining so bright, when we sought solice in open spaces, especially our gardens, we noticed that birds seemed as though they had no cares in the world, nature seemed more confident and wanted to show us it’s colours.

We could hear the birds more, see them more. Maybe they felt more able to show themselves to us and sing their songs, free without the troublesome humans … now hiding away in the houses, not making so much noise and pollution in the environment with their cars and aeroplanes.

Birds definitely made us happy through 2020 and still do, so we wanted to share our joy with a range of new and individually handmade and hand-painted ceramic birds.

We’ve used a new clay and various colourful glazes, all from local suppliers, tried different brushes and techniques, allowing each colour to interact and react with the others … then it’s just a matter of waiting to see their colourful glory when they fly from the kiln.

Available in our shop from 15th August and delivered in beautiful new black boxes … showcasing their bright colours. We hope you love them as much as we love making them.