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At the beginning of May we made this Happy Incense Bottle Kiln for our friend Adrian as a birthday gift. We love incense wafting in the garden, and helping to spread a calm and relaxed vibe around the home… and we knew that was Adrian’s kind of thing too. We’ll he had his birthday and he loved our present.

He took this fab photo below, of the iconic Royal Doulton ladies having a party, dancing the night away, with this little fella.

Two Royal Doulton figurines in fine gowns, on a mantelpiece, dancing around the the bright yellow, smiling, incense burner which is in the shape of a bottle oven.

We love Adrian’s fun way of mixing the traditional Stoke on Trent ceramics of elegantly kitsch Royal Doulton figurines with the new fun work we make at Dappled Sky.

Those ladies and their many friends can be seen in homes throughout the world. For anyone growing up in Stoke on Trent, it seemed that everyone’s Nan had at least one ‘Doulton figure’ proudly on display (or even a display cabinet full )

We made a few different style kiln burners back in the Spring and we use them around the house and garden… but haven’t released any in our shop yet.

We had some lovely comments about them so we think that maybe we should get some up and ready for you to buy too. So watch this space for our new range of incense kilns coming soon 🙂