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George Meowcal

We’ll I guess it would be nice … if I could touch your body. I know not everybody’s got a body like you …

Sound familiar? Check out our latest little video …

George Meowcal ceramic cat, spinning around to the sound of the hit song Faith by George Michael

Last week we completed a little ceramic cat commission for a George Michael Super Fan – Lindsay Coles from Leicester. Lindsay had heard about the first George Meowcal ceramic cat we had made a while back and asked if we could make another.

This new George Meowcal has really landed on his feet with his new home … take a look at these fab photos Lindsay sent to us, showing him sitting on display in Lindsay’s George Michael Room, a special place that pays homage to her love of George Michael.

He’s surrounded by photos of the man himself, drawings and other art work, with references to his time in Wham through to his long-standing solo career.

Our ceramic George Meowcal shows George in his leather BSA biker jacket emblazoned with “Rockers Revenge’ in platinum and gold on the back and his faded blue jeans. Giving himself an air of mystery as he slightly hid his face behind his aviator shades.

We chose this iconic outfit because it marked the point when George made his shocking debut as a solo artist.. Leaping to our screens on Top of The Pops in a video where we saw his change in image and musical change in direction has he started his solo career in 1987 – with the chart smashing release of the single Faith, followed by the same titled hit album.

George went on to have a massive career as a solo artist, and a well respected singer, song writer and music producer. His life was filled with some turbulent ups and downs that grabbed the worlds headlines as he battled his demons and tried to balance his public persona with his private life. After his sad and untimely death on Christmas Day 2016, it was revealed that George was a true philanthropist with a big heart, giving millions of pounds to many charities and helping people in need over the years.