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Exciting times here at Dappled Sky !

It was Deborah’s birthday on Friday, but no … that wasn’t the big excitement … so what was it ???!

On Friday we finally delivered our first batch of ceramic wares to Mai Accents. We carefully packed up a batch of the delightful Fungo Teapots and travelled carefully over speed-bumps and around city and village roundabouts to the destination… being very careful with our precious cargo.

This collaboration is something we have been quietly working on for the last few months, developing the weight and practical aspects of the Fungo, mushroom style teapot, a much loved design of Marzia’s.

Each one has been handmade, cast by Paul and we’ve both given them their own hand-painted splodges and red lids, plus cute facial features making them very characterful.

And, even if we do say ourselves …it’s now a fabulous pourer ! ( Spouts are something we can get a bit fixated on here in the Potteries … that, and turning crockery upside-down to look at the backstamps!)

Marzia has a large and dedicated family of followers across the globe who love her work and are keen to buy her designs, many hoping to be lucky enough to own one of her pieces. So it was no surprise that within just 7 minutes of the teapots being released on sale … WOW … they were sold out!

It’s been a joy to work with Marzia’s team and there’s more to come from this collaboration … so keep watching. We are now working on another cute pot style for Marzia that we can reveal next month.

Oh ! … and don’t worry, it wasn’t all work and no play on Friday. We did celebrate Deborah’s birthday too, with mocktails and cocktails in the garden.