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New Bottlekiln Mugs

We’re thrilled to announce that our lovely new range of Bottlekiln mugs will be coming very soon to the Dappled Sky shop … this September.

So keep your eyes peeled by visiting the shop regularly. You can also contact us if you want to place and order in advance.

OK … it’s not the highest quality promo video – it was quickly made by Deb on her phone app ready for August 29th to celebrate #PotteriesBottleovenDay

Yes that’s right … did you know there is actually an official day to shout about our wonderful local bottlekilns / bottleovens in Stoke-on-Trent ( A.K.A The Potteries) ?

There is a technical difference between the two descriptions kiln or oven but that discussion is for another day!

For now … we hope enjoy the video and like our new mugs. Please also join our instagram and facebook questionnaire post about which type of handle you prefer or leave a comment here.