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What’s in stock?


It’s an ever changing answer really, but as I’m typing this on a lovely summery Sunday evening, sat on our sofa in Stoke on Trent ( with Countryfile playing on the tv in the background !) I can tell you that we’ve got 6 Fridas, just 1 David and a couple of Freddies, plus a selection of the different Cat Bum mugs and several beautiful flatback Bottlekilns ready and waiting for you 😀

We have been updating the shop every Sunday over the last month… but … the Frida Katlo, David Meowie and Freddie Meowcury cats in our shop are the last ones that we will be able to list for a while.

This is just because we work in small batches and the process takes a long time. Each piece goes through the casting, drying, several firings and painting stages and we only fire the kiln when we know the kiln will be full, as it can be a costly process for us.

So we hope that you like what’s in the shop at the moment … and if you are interested in buying any of the items please get your order placed, as each piece is unique, never replicated exactly.

You can find the DappledSkyShop on … and you can get to the shop easily by going to our shop link in this website menu

Thanks for reading and we hope you all have a lovely week ahead … take care and stay happy and healthy.

x x Deborah & Paul