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Fabulous Frida

We’ve been super busy creating new Frida Kahlo inspired cats for you and putting them in our Etsy shop.

As always, each of our Frida Kahlo cats is unique – no two are ever decorated the same. We seek inspiration from the great woman herself, using the palette of colours that she wore and her bold style.

Uploading the work online always takes longer than anticipated … with taking photographs of each piece, from several angles, then slightly editing and adding copyright watermarks to the image, then actually adding them to the shop with tags and descriptions etc. Although we aimed to get nine new Frida Katlos in the shop last night by 8pm (GMT) we only managed the initial five … but not to worry …. we will be uploading more through out the week, including a few more this evening.

Last night we uploaded 5 new Frida figures and 3 David Meowie too … and within just 1 hour, two Fridas and two Davids had been sold.

We’re really grateful for all your support out there, and for now getting returning customers too, which is super lovely. Often these are people who have left us glowing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews and are now buying our work for their friends or to add to their collection.

Many many thanks you lovely people ❤️

We will be including a cat decorated with the lovely new Mother of Pearl effect lustre that we’ve started to use in some of the pieces. This works beautifully on the skirts and blouses, emulating the gorgeous fabrics Frida Kahlo wore, and which we were lucky to have seen in the flesh a couple of years ago at the Victoria and Albert museum exhibition “Frida Kahlo: Making Herself Up’. Where it’s been possible we have put a few of our cats in front of the photographs from the amazing book that accompanied the exhibition, just so you can see where the inspiration came from. The photos in the book are stunning, infact the whole book is, and if you’re a Frida Kahlo devotee we highly recommend purchasing that book if you can find it or maybe order it from your local bookstore.

Here’s a little video clip of the shimmering Mother of Pearl lustre on one of the pieces . We’ll definitely be making more using this and we think it goes wonderfully with all the gold lustre detail that we add to all the Frida pieces …. well it would be rude to leave out the gold, Frida did love her big bold jewellery !

As you can see the Mother of Pearl effect lustre catches the light beautifully as you gently move the figurine.

Keeping checking into our shop for the latest pieces … the link is in the main menu. Thanks for dropping by, see you next time xx