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It’s been a while

It’s one of those posts that starts with that old “We’ve not posted anything on here for a while” line. Yep it’s true, it’s been a while. We’ve been posting plenty in facebook and instagram but the website has been a little ignored ( soz … our bad!)

Lots has happened since our last check in – a Crazy Little Thing Called COVID (as Freddie might say) has totally turned the world upside down and our work patterns and attitudes have changed, worries have been heightened, and for many there has been devastating loss and heartbreaking grief.

On a positive we may’ve been locked indoors and unable to travel, furloughed from our day jobs too … but it’s meant that we’ve had more time to cast up cats and mugs and enjoy time hand painting the finished wares. We’ve had a little run on mugs, Frida Katlos and David Meowies flying out to different parts of the world, including cities and rural parts of the UK, NYC and California in USA, Switzerland, Hyderabad in India and The Netherlands. Our Dappled Sky goodies have not been in lockdown it seems!!

We hope you are all healthy, fit and happy – and that you and your loved ones have all avoided this dreadful disease or at least recovered quickly.

We hope you keep following us and don’t forget to follow us on a Instagram and Facebook ( links are here on the website) then you’ll see our latest photos. We’ve added a few of our latest fabulous 5 star review here for you to look at. Getting a photo from our happy customers really makes our day 😀😍

By the way we’ve got a new set of Ginger Cat Bum mugs in the shop, fresh out of the kiln, and lovely Frida’s and David’s are waiting to get their fabulous gold details painted. Keep checking our online shop. We sold one of our Fridas in just 10 minutes … amazing … we were blown away by the response. Thank you to all our lovely followers and customers – you rock our world xx