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Home is … where the Bottlekiln is ❤️

Are you familiar with the iconic Bottle Kiln of Stoke on Trent?

We started to make a basic range of these beauties back in 2014 and following a decision to revive them last year for our fair events, we’ve taken quite a few private commissions to do personalised versions.

Following on from that idea and the fact that they were so well received, we are now taking orders for our bottlekiln wall pockets via our Etsy Shop.

Handcast in semi-porcelain earthenware, they are a small vase , flat-backed so it can hang on your wall or sit it on a shelf, flat to the wall.

Inspired by the iconic shape of the famous Stoke in Trent bottlekiln – an architectural structure that once dominated the Stoke on Trent skyline and landscape during the height of the pottery industry in our local towns during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

Only a few of the original bottle kilns now stand in the city ( under 50, when there were once hundreds if not thousands) The bottle kiln is seen as a important and instantly recognised symbol of the area, evoking home, heritage creativity, industriousness and ingenuity.

The kiln also has emotional connections to family, warmth, strength, hard-work, belonging.

In Stoke there are still big pottery firms – using modern industrial techniques, where the bottle kiln is no longer needed, but almost everyone knows somebody whose parents or grandparents once “worked in the pots”

… but on top of all that … the kilns are just beautiful shapes embraced by many local artists!

We have created the kiln shape mould ourselves and each one is handcast by us in our little studio in Stoke on Trent. Once the clay is dried it is fired in our small kiln and then hand painted, fired again, dipped in transparent glaze, fired again and then the lithographed back-stamp is placed underneath and it takes it’s last low temperature firing.

After all those processes the bottle kiln wall pocket is finished and ready to hang on the wall, with or without flowers. We glaze the kiln inside and out, so this means that it will have an internal waterproof surface too, so you could put a little water in there for real flowers if you like.

Each item is individually handcast and hand painted , so the weight and hand painting is always slightly different in each piece

Each piece comes to you beautifully boxed in a sturdy postage box.

This makes a lovely gift for anyone local to the area (or not) and is ideal for pottery lovers and collectors looking for something special to grace their homes.

Each piece is ‘made to order’ and takes about 4 weeks to make and ship out. If you have any questions just drop us a message.

… meanwhile pop into our online Etsy shop to take a look – just follow the link in the “Shop” page x