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David Meowie … in the making

We’re in the process of making our next small batch of David Meowie cats, and when they are ready they’ll go straight into our online shop.

Our ceramic cat figurines go through several processes before they are ready to go in to our online shop. Each stage takes quite a long time, especially the natural slow drying of the wet clay, just after it comes out of the casting mould, plus the several over night firings which need to happen after each layer of hand painting and glazing.

We’re really excited that the current batch of 5 cats are in the kiln again tonight having their second firing. ( yes just 5 … when we say ‘small batches’ we mean small batches!)

At each stage something could quite easily go wrong and so you have to pray to the kiln gods that the metamorphosis of each clay figure will be a painless one! It’s a real investment of our time, trust, nerves and patience.

We will only ever be making a total of 50 David Meowie cats from this size mould. They are a limited edition piece of purr-fection!

Here is a v.short video of Paul taking you through a tiny stage in the casting at his pottery bench.

Casting Cats Video

From raw wet clay to a sparkling little glam rock wonder !

If you would like to buy a David Meowie cat please take a look at our online shop to place your order.

When this batch is ready we will announce online and our subscribers to the Dappled Sky email newsletter will be the first to hear the news… So sign up!

To browse the shop simply use the ‘shop’ link in the above website menu to open the shop door!