Where the magic happens…

We just thought that we would let you in on a secret  … this is where the magic happens … well at least some of it … a lot happens in the shed too.

In the the ‘spare room’ that we like to call ‘the studio’ is where and all drawing, the lino cutting, the sewing , the hand painting , the gluing the sticking and the cutting and pasting, the deliberating and agonising over little things and big things, the receipt saving, number crunching and the website building… all happens  ( plus other daily housey things,  like storage and and the tumble dryer too!!! )

Its a very busy little room that likes to multi-task!

It shows that you don’t need to have a massive dedicated rented studio to have a creative output and make your art, in fact a lot of the people I know who make amazing art don’t have that at all  – they make art and crafts, of all kinds, in the most economic of places.

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato said “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”

If I didn’t create anything anymore because I thought I didn’t have enough time or space to do it, I’d be believably unhappy. I think that if you are compelled to be creative, you’ve just got to get on and do it, when you can, where you can.