Dappled Sky … on the BBC !

We are so thrilled that Susan Clarke from B Arts ( http://www.b-arts.org.uk) has chosen to wear one of our necklaces when she stands in front of the UK City of Culture 2021 judges in Hull this week.

After Susan and Abi Brown make the final pitch to the judges, Team Stoke will be interviewed and seen across the BBC. It’s going to be a busy day for them and we wish them all the luck in the Universe.

Look out for Susan ( and the necklace of course! )

  • BBC – National 6 o’clock News, Wednesday evening ( 6th December)
  • BBC 1 – ‘The One Show’, Thursday evening 7pm ( 7th December)

The final announcement by the judges and the Government Department of Digital Media, Culture and Sport will be live during The One Show programme on Thursday night.

This is a big deal for our city .

Show your support by using social media to talk about how brilliant Stoke is and share the love.

Good luck to Susan and Team Stoke XX We hope you really enjoy wearing your new porcelain and platinum necklace and that Stoke on Trent wins the hearts and minds of the judges.

Check out these hashtags on twitter, Facebook Instagram etc to find films on YouTube and much more.

#sot2021 #UKCityofCulture2021


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