My Motivation

So, it’s been a while! How’s things?

Hope that life is going as planned and treating you kind.

There have a been a few changes here over the last couple of months, a change in circumstance that has provided me with time to reassess and ‘look at the bigger picture’, decide on my direction, find my motivation (… oh no, not more navel gazing !!!) Well anyway, I’ve had time to take stock and get my head around a few things whilst also trying to stop being anxious and trying to fix all the issues at once – allow myself some breathing space. I’ve not had time to unearth the real me for quite a while, maybe I’ve been wrapped up in a routine that buried my inspiration and motivation in the ground for safe keeping.

When you’re getting up every week day for that 9-5 job that pays the bills life is great isn’t it? Isn’t it? Yeah, it’s great, you feel cushioned by your routine, it takes the pressure off, but maybe it also makes you feel numb, anaesthetised.

It’s easy to get comfortable and perhaps you were told that regular life style is what you should be aiming for – in fact in these times of terror, war, factory closures, major redundancies, immigration, uncertainty… why would you want to cause any upheaval ? It would be reckless to want anything else, when so many others are struggling – really struggling to survive.

So you’ve got your comfort and routine. Great. Then, to ease the boredom of the routine you probably need to buy something special , maybe extra nice food now and again – as a well earned treat, a few bottles of wine every week to ease you into the weekend, after a ‘week from hell’, then indulge in a few online shopping sprees, or save up for some big purchases perhaps. Maybe you’re even wasting some of that well earned money too, unintentionally of course, because you can afford to, you don’t feel it. Food goes in the bin, the heating goes on – instead of a jumper. You leave appliances on ‘standby’ rather than turning off the plugs at night. Perhaps you habitually book your next package holiday as soon as you get back home from the last one, because that’s what keeps you going – you need something to look forward to.

You already have some comfort – You have a nice place to live and beautiful places are not too far away, just a short car or train drive away. So you can get out and about, get sunshine and fresh air, you have access to venues to get a culture fix too. Every so often you can catch up with friends to have fun and share stories. You talk about how you have a perfectly fine car, but it’s not as flash as the one you would like, plus the sofa is a bit dated – but it’s fine, then you want a new dining table and chairs – well, in case anyone comes over for  a meal at Christmas, then the whole room will need redecorating too …. and it goes on.

The circle of ‘earn and spend’ seduces most of us. We lose our teenage dream, our focus, and before we know it, a few more years have passed and a few more wrinkles appeared. As we sit in front of that TV we are fed more and more stories to assure us that we are right to be fearful, fearful of everything around us – the dangers outside the safe home –  the storms that could whip up at any moment and rock our world. It’s like you’re in a little boat, cosy and sheltered, but you also know you’re sat on a big deep, wide, dark, scary lake – called Life.

That inner fear of making the boat rock keeps us nice and still, gently sitting in the centre of the lake. From there we can admire the view -the hills, the trees, the sunset, from a distance, it’s very nice. Will we ever actually move the boat up to the water’s edge, get out of the boat and explore the hills, the landscape and the forest, to see what adventures lie in there?

A quote I heard recenty really struck home – “mediocrity is what fearlful people settle for” I don’t know who said it, but it was on one of the many motivational videos I’ve had playing in the background as I’ve sat with a flip chart and marker pen planning out my life. I’m setting my path towards self employment, creating a business, focus, direction … a journey I’ve bought the map for many times, but never really plunged in.

There are some great motivational speakers, books and videos out there. Give them a try, see if they have anything to say that resonates with you. I was going to share a few , but what strikes a chord with me may not be your bag.

Give that little boat a wobble -see what happens.




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