Great Pottery Throwback !!!

So I guess some of you lovely people have been watching the BBC2 new series “The Great Pottery Throwndown”. We have. 

One episode in and it seems good so far. As we all sit at home watching the chosen potters, pitting themselves against each other in challenges to test their skills, stamina and creativity. Judges examining their wares, watching them crack … Sometimes the pots, sometimes the contestants and sometimes even the judges themselves! 

Regular visitors to our pages may remember a few previous posts of ours that have links to the programme, so we’ve decided to revisit and refresh your memories… You may recall our glorious walk along the canalside and to visit to the site of Middleport Pottery back in April, just before they started filming for the show. A beautiful day and a good bunch of photos for you to browse. We’re so lucky to live here in Stoke in Trent- a creative city with countryside, canals and rich heritage. 

Plus a few years back we even posted a fun video of the Great Pottery Throwndown’s very own  judge, Keith Brymer Jones, performing in his own version of Adele’s video – Rolling In the Deep, retitled – Rolling Clay with Keith!

Well here they are again in our own Great Pottery ‘Throwback’… 

Enjoy ! 

Rolling Clay with Keith video (link to previous page) … or type ‘Keith’ in the search bar of our site. ( … be prepared – you’ll be singing it after!) 

The April post about Burleigh ware pots and canalside walks to Middleport (link to previous page) or type Middleport in search bar. 


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