Sewing and Pottery

Today is a good day. 

After months… of weekend, after weekend, after weekend… where I repeatedly promised myself to get back on the sewing machine and make another dress, I’ve finally started to do something! 

I draughted the pattern months ago but my heart just wasn’t in it. 

I’ve got a degree in fashion design and I’ve owned a sewing machine since I was  a child. I love sewing … But not lately. This shouldn’t be a problem – it should feel natural. 

It’s easy to beat yourself up about putting things off and then it becomes more of a challenge to actually do it – something you would usually find simple, or really enjoy doing under normal circumstances. 

But today is the day.  


The sun was trying to emerge earlier this morning and looked gorgeous glistening on the lilies in the window… but it needed a helping hand to really shine – a bit like me. After a few cups of tea I’m primed and ready to roll ! 


I’ve cut the fabric and the the sun is shining good and proper now.  Our little bundle of fluff is keeping me company and the vibes feel right.  

  I’ve chosen a lovely mottled indigo cotton material that will look beautiful against our newly fired blue and white cat mugs  ( I mentioned these in the previous post) . You can just spot them in this photo. 

Today’s creation is going to be a simple shift dress – something I can wear a lot and feel comfortable in. My mantra could be – Make life easy , Dress to your own style and Enjoy the creative process. 

I hope the sun is shining for you today too.  Seize the day and do something positive, do that one thing that you’ve been putting off.   



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