Blue and White Pottery

It started off as a sketchbook page of plain white empty mug drawings … And then …. 


Ideas stated to flow. Happy days at last. 

Blue and white pottery is quite a tradition here in Stoke on Trent and we’ve had some ideas bubbling for a while. 

But … It’s been a strange ol’ year with many obstacles that have blocked the creative process in the last four months… Often leading me to ponder if we’d ever take up the challenge again. I’m pleased to say we’re back in the saddle though.

So excited about our new blue and white pottery ideas and we can’t wait to see these freshly hand painted mugs come out of the kiln, that’s when they come to life. 

The murky grey clay that Paul originally poured gently into the mould, will turn white and the glaze I painted will turn a rich blue, just like the plate we have fired and glazed in this photo. 

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