Fun of the Fayre – Dappled Dollies

The Dappled Dollies are soft handmade dolls created for someone who deserves a specially commissioned doll to represent them – they make a great personalised gift as each one is made with lots of care and attention to detail with secret messages and stories. They sell for £45. If you are interested in having a special commission created for delivery in 2015 then get in touch.

Dappled Dollies
Dappled Dollies

At the moment we are busy making a range of special dolls, similar to the Dappled Dollies – they are collectively named The Colourful Folk. We’re making them for the wonderful Christmas Fayre and Light Switch-on  (Saturday and Sunday  event – 22nd & 23rd November) to be held at the world famous Emma Bridgewater pottery factory in Hanley, Stoke on Trent. The Colourful Folk are similar in price, style and feel to the Dappled Dollies but they are not based on real people, they are more fanciful and come from our imagination, perfect for Christmas.

The Colourful Folk will also be accompanied by the even more detailed and glorious  Character Dolls who have small handmade clothes, painted faces and bodies plus they have a full story of fancy and intrigue. These vary in price due to the amount of time that each dolls takes to create.


There will also be the Kitchen Sink Kids….  spoons and utensils that have come to life after lick of paint ! Cheerful dolls, affordable and fun £10 – £15

… so many dolls, so little time!

Check out the Dappled Sky Facebook page photo albums to see what the different styles are all like.

We’re sorry that at the moment we can’t start to make any new commissions for dolls in time for Christmas, we just don’t have the time to squeeze them in, but we are really interested in talking to you about future commissions that can be made  for you in the New Year.

Come and talk to us at the Christmas Fayre and meet all the folks in person.




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