Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes at Dappled a Sky HQ today.

IMG_6786.JPGThe colourful fabrics are flying with the sewing machine pedal pressed to the floor. Cottons, felts, slub silks, organzas. Subtle colours, neon colours, yum-yum!

Basically I’m having a lovely day preparing and making dolls for Christmas. I’m imagining our first proper Dappled Sky craft fayre display in November, at the Emma Bridgewater Christmas Fayre, full of gorgeous gifts for all the fabulous people who will be there for the city centre lights switch on event too. Folks will be expecting to find something a little more special than in a regular shopping experience. Very exciting!
Little characters are emerging today and the stories of who they are and what they like to do are fluttering around my brain as I sew 🙂

The kiln was firing last night too, so hopefully we will have ceramics on show too. It’s a wonderful weekend ‘on the make’ and we hope that you are having a great day too.



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