Little Faces

In my daily life I’m always aware of images, patterns and colour, texture, shape and design … It just calls to me asking to be looked at. I love taking photos of things I find whilst out walking or just in unexpected places, or unexpected things in familiar places. I’ve shown you a few photos of found patterns over the last few weeks, but my hard drive is stuffed full of photos of abstract things, tiny things , hidden things, beautiful things… raindrops sitting on leaves or clinging to a washing line, shadows on a pavement, colours and shapes in bricks, faces and animal in clouds, ripples on the water, the grain in wood, photos photos photos. We are all so snap happy since the birth of digital photography … Low cost, no waiting, instant satisfaction.

There is an Instagram phase of photographing the funny faces that people can see in objects – like a smiling face in a car bonnet and headlights, a surprised face in a door lock, a grumpy looking house or a snooty looking light switch …. You probably know the type of photos I mean.

It is a natural human reaction for us to discover faces in things – it’s all to do with our basic instincts for survival, a need for quick facial recognition and identifying the human body in hidden places – potential predators, friend or foe.

We also search for other familiar things like landscapes when we look at abstract paintings.

Think of a Marc Rothko painting or a Turner …. Just a load of smudged paint or a stark icy sea landscape or beautiful misty sunrise? Turner helps us a little more by actually showing us hints of buildings or ships, but we search of a picture of something familiar, earthly or even human where possible.

In my work I’m often creating characters for the dolls and little faces for brooches and so on, so it’s not unusual for this to appeal to me.

Well every day when I walk up our wooden staircase, which is waiting to be carpeted soon, I see little patterns and shapes in the flaky paint layers. There is one particular little spot where I see the little face of a leopard !

So before the carpet covers the little leopard I thought I would photograph his face … and then all these other little friends became visible too.
These are all friendly folks – meet the leopard and his friends 🙂








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