Lisa Congdon – Typo talk.

Lisa Congdon Typo talk

This is such an inspiring, down to earth and honest presentation by Lisa Congdon at the Typo conference.  It’s called Embrace the Abyss and you can view it from here or the video link below.

Lisa is a fab illustrator with a lovely naive and colourful style that really appeals to me and whose work you may well recognise when you see it. But – even if Lisa’s work doesn’t rock your world it’s worth listening to this talk. It is a long film for a quick share, so i’m giving you some warning. I don’t know how long it lasts – I wasn’t timing it because I was engrossed, but I’d say about 45 mins maybe.

If you are an artist starting out or struggling to channel your creativity, feeling a little under confident about your work perhaps, or a person looking for inspiration, even someone wanting to turn their life around , maybe in a weird time of your life needing a positive story to spur you on  or you are just finding yourself facing self imposed fear – fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of not being good enough. If that is you in any respect … then you’ll enjoy this.

What I really enjoyed about it too was that Lisa seemed as confident with powerpoint as me …. 🙂 And in fact her slight clumsiness with powerpoint made the talk so much better, more human and less polished. Imperfections are what make people great.
This is such a great talk.

( This link takes you via Lisa’s own blog Today is Going to be Awesome)

(This video link takes you via the Typo website for International Design Conferences)


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