Go ahead and Jump !

Finding confidence and courage in craft and collaboration. It is time for Dappled Sky to Jump! If we don’t do it we’ll never know!


It’s all about timing! Time to seek inspiration, reconvene, take stock, pull things together, sort the wheat from the chaff, get the ducks in a row and make decisions. In the words of 80’s rock and pop sensation Van Halen … Jump!


It feels like taking a long jump … how long do you keep running before you leap?

We’ve been sourcing ideas for so long, a life time … sketching, discussing, collecting, remembering, pinning on mood boards, playing with materials and stories. It can be frustrating after a while and research can become a life’s work without actually creating any real results if you let it.

Turning ideas and research into an actual things all hinges on not worrying about what will happen, but making it happen.  Worry can be the thief of happiness, with procrastination often laughing in background. So, no more fretting over whether our creations will be popular, or if it’s a waste of time and money, if it’s going to be a success or a failure. If it’s never done, we’ll never know.

Working as a duo, our process relies on each other and because of our day jobs and work patterns, we have limited time when we can actually work together. Some months there is scarce opportunity for this to happen – those days can feel very few and far between. We aim to focus though and get the job done. In a way, working alone and relying on your own set of skills, means that you are in control of your own time and results, but by collaborating and working as a team we have a variety of skills that will create exciting new work, that working alone would not achieve.

Once we make the leap we hope that the landing will be softer than we expect and once we hit the ground, we just need to keep running.


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