Art Stop – Day Tripper!

This afternoon I’m taking my dolls & brooches for a day trip to the Art Stop. It’s a pop-up art centre in Stoke town centre, used as part of the London Road Festival. Art Stop has staged lots of interesting activities over the last month and it has a really friendly atmosphere …. with Doris serving tea to visitors in her chain cups. It will be  shame to see it close.

If you are local to Stoke today and you fancy popping in to saying “Hello!” please do. You could make yourself a little face brooch too, as I’m taking along some bits and bobs for a mini workshop. I’ll try my best to take some photos during our little day trip and post them up as soon as I can.

ImageWhere is Art Stop? Art Stop is a shop space located on Campbell Place, which is the same side of London Road as Sainbury’s but is further along the street towards the junction where Wetherspoons pub is … it’s near to the Wrights Pie shop and the Red Cross Shop.

How long is it open? Well !!!! Today is the last day unfortunately. So it’s your last chance for now to come in to the Art Stop, so pop along.

If you want to know anymore about the Art Stop project or the space, you need to chat with Chris Reader or check out various social media pages or . You can also check out London Road Festival website or twitter feed



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