New Work – Telling Tales

Here are some new photos from today’s progression the studio. This is looking really promising and I feel really excited about how the new Telling Tales series is developing. Based on childhood memories, stories, fairytales, characters, tales by Grimm and alike.



At this moment, none of the work has been fired in the kiln to fix the glaze, so the colours will all change from what you can see here. I do like the matt, pastel quality of them now, but I’m just hoping I’ll still love them when they become vibrant and zingy colours. The image of Red Riding Hood should pop with a scarlet cape, so it’s quite exciting.

Red _Riding_Hood

I’m so  glad that I’ve eventually started to get these ideas out of my head and on to the actual ceramic. This theme is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and today felt like the right day to make it happen.


Watch this space for more hand painted and hand stitched Dappled Sky creations called Telling Tales.


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