Sunshine and Pottery


Hey folks, how you doing? Just thought that we would share a few photos from studio activity over the last few days.
Our little porcelain birds have been popular and we’ve got more ideas for new birds too – especially after we went to see a film about a local witch named Molly Leigh ! It was shown as part of the Stoke Your Fires Film Festival in Stoke on Trent , which is now in its 7th year. So look out for news on those darker birds soon. ( sound intriguing???)
Paul has been busy this week making a special commission for a friend which is quite detailed and has been an interesting project for us, to see it developing.
Anyway in a general note – the weather has brightened up over the last week … Hurrah! … and everyone seems that little bit chirpier, which is great. It’s brilliant what a little bit of sunshine can do. I spent a while watching two hawfinches in the garden this morning who were obviously feeling the benefit of Spring.

See, we just can’t get away from those birds can we! Catch up again soon x




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