A Bird in the Hand



We’ve been hatching the cutest little porcelain birds at Dappled Sky HQ. It’s been hard to part with some of them but one sweet little birdy flew the nest last week and has now landed India. We’ll have to see if he can send us a photo of his travels! He has flown a total of 6229 miles.

Another little birdy has left us to live in a home full of real live chickens. I’m sure she will make life long friends with her new feathered pals.

We are happy to announce that a new flock, clutch, batch of birdies will be hatching next weekend. ( ETA Saturday 1st March 2014)

If you would like to own a little birdy when they hatch, you can ! ☺️

They only cost £2.50 each.
Postage costs:
For between 1-3 birdies
UK £1.50
Rest of the world £3.50

Each bird is handmade by us, here in The Potteries, Stoke on Trent, England. We individually model them by hand from high quality white porcelain and finish them with a little touch of glaze when they are fired in the kiln. They will be carefully packed in protective wrapping when they are posted and a personal note can be added if you let us know the details.

To place an order simply email dappledsky1@gmail.com with how many you would like and we will email you back with how to pay. (PayPal is our preferred payment method and it’s really easy to use, but we can do cheques too if you don’t mind waiting for it to be processed before getting your birdies.)

Orders and payments received before midnight (GMT) 28th February shall be posted on Monday 3rd March.

We are expecting a batch of 30 birds this time, so make sure not to miss out and order early. We will make another batch again soon if demand is high.

If you would like more than 3 birds then please contact us ASAP to discuss prices, postage and delivery times.




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