Christian Faur

New York born Christian Faur is a self-taught genius!

He pulls apart the surface of photograph and recreates it by the repetition of dots. He gives you photographic portraits reinterpreted with hand cast encaustic crayons. Christian Faux uses the simple wax crayon of our childhood and stands it on it’s end and packs it together tightly with accompanying crayons that give the correct effect to replicate the original photograph, acting like pixels.

Love the old photographic style portraits and he often uses the images of children. One series is called ‘Lost Children’ and he says that he created these to replace the children he can not remember form his own childhood.

Crayon Series 1 - Charlie

From Crayon Series 1 – Untitled 6500

Mortgage on the Future – 2006

Blue Boy

In the Flat Fields,

I really like this one, its taken from a series which talks about the economic situation we face today, in relation to that of the 1930’s and the Great Depression.

For me there is another quality to the crayon work, a special memory of having a deluxe set of wax Crayola crayons for a Christmas or birthday present. It was the moment when you opened it for the first time and they looked pristine, they smelt wonderful. Personally I adored periwinkle blue and the metallic ones. I wanted to use them , but I didn’t want to destroy them. All those beautiful colours with lovely names.

Faur also makes amazing work with strips of printed paper in overlaid fringes, that probably move in the breeze, but when they are laying in the correct order they let you see an image.

Just beautiful.


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