Burslem Boys Together Again.

The opening night of the Burslem Boys exhibition went really well. It was so busy, I need a second visit to really take things in and appreciate the work, the artefacts and read the letters that the three young men sent to each other during the war years!

It was lovely to chat with John Shelton’s wife –  it was purely by chance as we were admiring the work. And then it was also great to catch up with Helen, Norman Cope’s niece, and Mark Finney who made this all happen. I also spotted a few local artists in there too soaking up the atmosphere and watching the projections on the outside walls.

Arthur Berry, John Shelton and Norman Cope are back together again, and I’m sure they would be thrilled. Because it’s the first exhibition of Norman Cope’s work since his untimely death in 1943, it makes the whole experience even more special.

If you weren’t able to make it, the public showing is going on right now… from 20-27 October 2012 so there’s still plenty of time over half-term. The event is at Barewall, Burslem: http://www.barewall.co.uk



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