Craftspace makers showcase in Stafford

There are two lovely touring craft exhibitions worth seeing in Stafford at the moment, both showcasing makers from the Midlands region of the UK, and both organised by Craftspace and partner venues and authorities from the region.

You can see the Craftspace Made in the Middle exhibition at Shire Hall Gallery in the Market Square and the Making Moves exhibition cases at a less traditional venue for art and craft, they can be found at Stafford railway station – which is a great venue for introducing craft to a new audience.

Here are just three pieces – intricate metal work by Miranda Sharp, Emily Notman’s mixed media structure and wire drawings from Cathy Miles.

There are more items to see, but you will have to pop along there for yourself 🙂

There is lots to see in the gallery and what I found particularly interesting was to read the paths in career and education that the makers had chosen to reach the point where they are today. From traditional route coming through education, those who chose crafts as a second career and those who diversified from one career that lent itself to a creativity and experimenting with crafts and technology.

P.S if you have a smart phone, make sure to download the ‘Red Laser QR code reader’ to your device before you get there and the English Hedgerow App (from White Bat Games Entertainments) The signal can be a bit weak in the gallery, so it could take you ages if you try to do it there – go in there prepared and you will enjoy the experience more.

Here are just a few of my favourite bits – to be honest I could’ve taken more photos but I was too busy looking at the work!

You can also catch some wonderful when basketry with fine wood barks and twigs, moss and other natural woodland materials by Maggie Smith – you have to see them.

There are some paper classics by Jennifer Collier – the wonderful paper, vacuum cleaner and the paper sewing machine are beautiful. You can also buy some of Jennifer’s paper sewn teacups from the Made in the Middle shop.

The table area by Imogen Luddy is wonderful. I love how the lace work continues from the plates and the chair – mixing the hard and solid ceramic/wood materials with soft and delicate, draping textile work.

My favourite , which I really do wish I’d photographed, were the delicate porcelain pieces by Jenny Creasey, complete with scribbled shopping lists and notes from to Mum and gold leaf. They are amazingly fine.

I was glad to see the ceramic bugs and wall hangings by Anna Collette Hunt (which I did manage to photograph) These were previously featured in a Dappled Sky article back in November 2011 – you can read that article here.

Hope this inspires you to pop over to Stafford in the next week or so.


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