Staffordshire Open Studios 2012

Before I start … apologies for the the image quality, it isn’t brilliant for reading the tiny detail…. you need to look at the full online brochure or get hold of a paper copy – find out how you can get one by visiting this link :

It shows, an at-a-glance breakdown of Staffordshire Open Studios participants in rough geographical groupings to help you get around as many as possible:

Remember , you’re under no pressure to buy something when you visit, but from the occasions when I have visited artist’s studios for the first time,  I can truly say that it’s  been a great experience. It’s  always struck me how the artist has always been friendly and open to talk about their work  -sometimes they even offer you tea and biscuits  🙂

Artists are generally friendly folks who have taken the plunge in opening up their studios (sometimes their homes) in the hope that you might see some art that you like and possibly buy it, or at least tell your friends about it.

If you do buy something – great! If not, thats fine, but always take a business card – maybe you will buy something later, plus you can just tell your friends about the fab artist you’ve made friends with 🙂

Here is a list of the artists opening their doors for you this year …
Beth Paynter, Olwen Holland, Alistair Kennedy, Yasmin Donlon, Vitor Azevedo.

Mark Lippett, Unit Twelve Gallery, Richard Bostock, Robin Ansell, Meg Farnden, Steven Eastwood, Richard J. Boote, (NB – Ingrid Wagner not longer available).STONE & ECCLESHALL
Gallery at 12, Noel Bennett, Christina Bennett, Rita Banks, Hilary Jefferies.

Barewall, Paul Dunkerley, Melanie Goodwin, Charis Jones, Alison Morgan, Sue Prince, Michael Pritchard.

Artworx Gallery, Carole Baker, Mary Griffin, Peter Valentine, Andrew Matheson, Lesley Westrop, Andrew Mather.

The map shown outlines the approximate locations of all Staffordshire Enjoy Art members, most of whom will be open on 15/16 and 22/23 September, and tells you what their individual disciplines are. Please note that open times vary for all participants so do check the FREE brochure or website prior to making your journey.

Full contact details and accurate Google maps can be found by visiting the relevant artist’s profile page on the website:


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