Pop Pop Pop! Call for Submissions.

Calling crafters, artists, makers, foody folk and vintage sellers, in and around the Newcastle-under-Lyme area  – and beyond … Here is a great opportunity to get a stall in a pre-christmas Pop up Emporium in Newcastle Under Lyme.

Denise O’ Sullivan-Dunn has organised lots of successful Pop Up Emporium events over the last few years, around Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire and across the Midlands. These events always have a good attendance of vintage sellers and a mix of handmade artists and crafters in there too, plus a few food stalls.

Denise is organising something quite big for Saturday 27th October 2012. She has three venues at her disposal in the town, to create three distinct Pop Up Emporiums, each with it’s own theme. There will also be a performance stage in the town, creating a great trail around the town for you to be part of and something fantastic for customers to enjoy. It is all part of a Newcastle Under Lyme council organised charity event called Paint the Town Pink, donating some funds from organisation of these events towards a breast cancer charity.

There will be lots of local publicity plus web-based promotion, plus … all selected makers will get a free advert here on DappledSky.com from October – January 2013, by having your logo and website placed in the DappledSky Directory.

If you are interested in this opportunity you need to read this link http://www.popupemporium.com and download the application forms when you get to the Pop Up site.

If you are a vintage seller or maker and want to get onboard with Pop Up Emporium before the  Paint the Town Pink event in October, there will also be other Pop Up Emporium events running in Lancaster Building in the market square, Newcastle-under-Lyme, plus some more events in November and December too ( these will be in one venue compared to the bigger three-venue event on 27th October.)

  • Saturday 29th September 2012 – Vintage, handmade and musicians  in Lancaster Building
  • Saturday 27th October 2012  – 3 great venues for Paint the Town Pink, including a handmade art and craft gallery,  vintage stalls, food outlet  in Lancaster Building and two venues in Merrial street, plus a music performance stage in town too.
  • Friday 16th November 2012 (This is also the 10th Anniversary of the Food Market … so it will be a good day to be in town and eat some nice things too!)  Vintage, handmade and musicians  in Lancaster Building.
  • Saturday 24th November 2012 – Christmas fun and frollicks with vintage, handmade and musicians in  Lancaster Building
  • Friday 7th & 8th December 2012 – Christmas fun and frollicks with vintage, handmade and musicians in  Lancaster Building

All the application forms and information can be found on the Pop Up Emporium website. Any enquiries just contact Denise via the Pop Up website.


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