Beautiful art from Belarus – Anna Silivonchik

This evening I came across a lovely painting that reminded me of Chagall (I like Chagall)  and I wanted to find out who painted it, so I went on exploring and found more and more paintings by an artist named Anna Silivonchik from Minsk, Belarus.

Her work is really pretty and dream like. I still don’t know too much about Anna ( because google translate can only help a ‘gal so much! – in fact I’ve titled the paintings here the best that I can, I hope that nothing is lost in translation!)

… I worked out that Anna works on canvas, with oils ( usually around 60cm  x 60cm in size) Her work is well known in Belarus and Anna has painted loads of wonderful work. She has exhibited in Budapest, Moscow, Minsk, and she is married to Vasily and she has a lovely little daughter who likes to feed the pigeons.

There are lots of paintings which you can browse on her website. Here are a few of my favourites :


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