When I Grow Up…

This just made me smile.

A lovely animation from The Big Red Studio working with children in Alexandra Primary and Junior School and people at West End Village retirement complex for the “My Longton My Future” project, funded the Arts Council England and Staffordshire Housing Association.

It’s 17 minutes of animation ( so settle down…. and enjoy…)

If you know anything about Stoke on Trent it should make you smile, and if you’ve never been to Stoke on Trent, watch it anyway – it’s just lovely. Longton is one of the six towns that make up Stoke on Trent, which used to be filled with lots of very busy pottery firms, producing ceramics for all over the world. So with all the smashing of plates from the local pottery industry and Victorian parks, the tweeting birds and theatres  it’s so sweet ( and maybe it’s just because I’m enjoying all things circus at the moment too.)

It’s so lovely to see children’s reflections on history and their aspirations for the future too … and I’m glad to see a few potential artists of the future  in there.

Quote …. “When I grow up I want to be an artist.
What shall I draw today ….la…la…la?”

I wonder if Big Red Studio will catch up with the kids when they are 30 years old and ask them to do an update in animation. I hope they all fulfil their dreams.

“What’s green and eats porridge?

… Mouldylocks”

… It made me smile anyway!”


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