Arts Council Cash Boost for Stoke on Trent Arts Scene

Interesting news for arts infrastructure and development in the area… Let’s watch this space –

I hope for some exciting fresh, accessible, engaging, high quality, imaginative and inspiring ideas and actions over the next 3 years that will hopefully make more people feel the benefit of what arts can do.

And in 3 years time lets hope that people can look back and say they felt it was a good use of money – because inevitably, in the current climate, people will think that this is a lot of cash, so the projects will probably come under quite a bit of scrutiny from the media and those who need convincing by art in general.

Well done to everyone in the consortium for getting this cash , this could potentially be a brilliant and brave new step for Stoke on Trent…. and good luck!

And if anyone reading this (you) gets a chance to be involved- get involved, money like this doesn’t come by that often 🙂


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