Shady Tales and High Seas.

Check out these beautiful pen and ink drawings by Rheannon Ormond, they are full of interesting tales and details. Rheannon also likes to work with various print techniques and occasionally introduces some colour into her work.

While some look like they could be out of Victorian children’s storybooks, inviting us to find out about pirates, the high seas, famous detectives and explorers, other illustrations could almost be pictures for a book by Anais Nin, or maybe more currently Fifty Shades of Grey, as they have a hint of the dark and saucy side.

rheannon ormond           Rheannon butterfly

Rheannon Ormond actually hails from just a few streets away from where I live in Stoke on Trent, but just I happened to find her work on the internet and I’m delighted to find out about that connection. She now resides in Liverpool, since completing her Graphics degree at Liverpool John Moores University.

Since graduating Rheannon has been lucky enough to get commissions for the Topman shop, Liverpool, a book entitled “A Little, Aloud for Children” and a commission for an album cover for band in Nashville – The Cold Stares.

So check out her website and wish Rheannon well on her journey to become a very successful illustrator.


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