Finding New Craft

I first noticed Craft Finder at the start of 2012, when they were advertising a job for a craft maker liaison role in the Sheffield area. They were looking for someone who could discover makers and add them to the Craft Finder portfolio and develop the site.


Well it looks like someone is in post and has worked hard to get the show on the road, the site looks good.

Unlike Etsy and other global crafts sites, Craftfinder seems like it is more selective. They are discovering quality contemporary makers and adding them to the portfolio, rather than allowing any Tom, Dick or Harry to set up their own shop online. I like the fact that they are only looking for quality makers to join the site and set up a pitch to promote and sell their wares, but we shall sit and watch as the site develops and the range of makers grows.

Samantha Bryan

Samantha Bryan

They have Samantha Bryan and Jennifer Collier on there … so that’s a great start.

To browse  around the site click on the logo which should take you straight there, or use this link


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