The Bells!!! The Bells!!!

This Friday, 27th July at 8:12am, thousands of people across the UK will be joining together to ring in the first day of the London 2012 Olympic games with professional bell ringers, bicycle bells, church bells, little china bells, all sorts of bells …

Everyone in the country is invited to take part. (This could be interesting!) I think the idea is that you take part through organised events …. but what the ‘eck- if you’ve got a bell ring it.

Turner prize winning artist and musician Martin Creed, was commissioned to devise a new creation for the Cultural Olympiad, which is the creative side to the Olympic Games. Martin’s idea is that we ring in the day that starts the whole event. The work is entitled Work No.1197 and will be performed across the country.

Here is a little film of Martin’s vision for this piece

So, if you were planning to have a leisurely lie-in on Friday morning, be prepared for a 8:12 alarm call. If you can’t beat ’em join  ’em Esmeralda! I don’t think this is the song Martin was aiming for , but I couldn’t resist…

Check out the official website to see what people are really supposed to be doing …


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