Cut and Paste

If like me, you love a bit of collage – enjoying the random way that photos, textures, paint and papers come together to create a new works of art, then get your creative goggles on and take a butchers at this site dedicated to collage – curated by Aprile Elcich, a graphic designer and collage artist living in Toronto, Canada.

“Not Paper”

Not-Paper - a site for collage

I love this image below, created by Essex, UK, based artist Becky Howes. I also like the images on her tumblr blog too which make clever use of stitching and the inside of patterned envelopes (two of my favourite things )

See and click on the image to see Becky’s portfolio

Becky Howes

If you are a collage artist yourself why not try your hand at entering the Collagerie Exhibition in Norwich at the STEW gallery, 10th – 16th November 2012.
Here is a the brief
( I’ve lifted it from the Facebook site… so don’t forget to make friends / like them – see
2D cut and paste.
Paper, scissors and glue!A celebration of collage art and the significant styles of contemporary artists using traditional cut and paste techniques.Submission deadline: 1st October 2012.
(Successful submissions will be contacted by 5th October)
Deadline for receiving work: 26th October 2012.
Submission fee: £10.

Send all submissions to
Please include:
Artist Bio (100 words)
Pictures of work being submitted + titles and prices
Contact details
Website/ Blog info

Original unframed artworks only. 20% commission on all sales.

Another lovely artist’s site to check out is that of Randel Plowman (above image), an artist based in Wisconsin who is pursuing a challenge of creating a collage a day, which he then posts to his site for sale. This image is already sold but it’s rather lovely and is entitled “Score Card”
He’s recently published a book called “The Collage Workbook”, to help inspire and get you started on your journey into the magical world of collage. Check out his site or Lark Crafts who publish the book for more information.

4 thoughts on “Cut and Paste”

  1. The two collages you posted are very lovely. I also like the fact that you can make something totally new out of different pictures and textures. I remember doing something similar in a print making class in high school.


    1. Collage is great because it’s quite accessible way into creating art and people with other skills can overlay work with drawing, stitching, painting and incorporate their own photography too.
      Hopefully it’s inspired you to have another go at it … go grab some scissors and glue 🙂


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