The Gang

The Gang


The Gang

Welcome to the gang; Aaron, Margo, Betsy, Millicent, Trixie and her dog The Reverend and other characters who used to live at Birdy and the Wolf.

Birdy has decided that she has had enough of all this rain, and as bold as anything she announced this morning, “Bbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! It’s too chilly, I’m off!”

So as quick as you like, Wolf came over to check out DappledSky and asked if they could move in.

They all packed their little suitcases and plenty of teabags and some dog biscuits for The Reverend.

At the DappledSky commune there is loads of space for all the gang. Space to grow their own veggies and room for everyone to have their own place. In the evenings they can light some candles and sit outside, watch badgers take a midnight stroll and see the paper owls racing above the old train tracks at night time.

They have all enjoyed living at BirdyandtheWolf but have decided that they won’t be renewing the lease on the place and they really want a change of scenery, with a place that they can all call home.

Please redirect your Birdy and the Wolf post to Dappled Sky. They will open shop again soon here under the new name “DappledSky”…

I’m sure they will have plenty of tales to tell.

2 thoughts on “The Gang”

    1. Hi Dee, Thanks so much, I’m really glad that you like them … it’s all my own work.

      I have another site where all these figures lived (called but today I’ve decided to pack up all their little suitcases and move them over here to live at DappledSky.I was finding it to be a bit of a hassle keeping both sites looking interesting and keep the traffic moving, plus make things too – there are only so many hours in a day you can spend updating sites! …so it makes better sense for me if I bring the two together.

      These particular little folks are not based on anyone specific but they all have background stories and remind me of different people.

      I do take commissions to represent real people too and they can take quite some time to complete. They tend to be made for special occasions like birthdays and weddings.

      My Etsy shop will be changing it’s details soon too and reopen for business, but for today I just wanted to make that initial step and move to Dappled Sky and let them say Hi to everyone!
      xxx Deb:)


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