An Illustrator a Day – Day 5, 6 & 7 !

Oooops! I’ve been a bit slack on the old Illustrator A Day front, so I’m giving you 3 today !!!

A good way to start your Monday, with colourful images from Jennifer DavisAna Pez and Kathryn MacNaughton.

Hairdo - Jennifer Davis

In the Mood for hats by Ana Pez

Love Music Hate Racism


2 thoughts on “An Illustrator a Day – Day 5, 6 & 7 !”

  1. Hi, I think your artwork is incredibly good! I love it when color and the right look behind the eyes stir emotion! I was wondering if you do covers? I’d be willing to pay you $250.00 for one! And I would love to have it done in 3 weeks, if that’s possible? If you’re interested I’d love to work with you! Nice to meet you! Keep creation’s hand spinning out endless never were’s!


    1. Hi Lightning Pen 🙂
      If you are referring to one of the illustrations featured in this post, then you need to contact them directly.
      It’s not my artwork.
      I’ve embedded links to the artists own sites in the post, so of you click on the picture that you like it will take you through to that artist’s website.
      Why not drop the artist a line and ask them if they are willing to take on a commission for you.
      Good luck with it and I hope that you get a great piece of art work.
      🙂 Deb – Dappled Sky


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