Push the button

I’ve just read about 3D printing and I’ve also been reading about digital synthesis and I can’t quite get my head around it all  … guess I need to see it working.

From what I can see this is bound to make big changes in design and crafts, even more so the more affordable the process becomes. Making work cheaper and quicker to mass produce.

Does this affect the role of the craftsperson and the scientist, making them redundant – producing intricate work in minutes rather than months  and allowing the button pusher to claim the title of creator, or does it enhance the capabilities of what a talented crafts person or a mega-boffin can create?

Will the artist be replaced by a digital replicant!

Original article is on WIRED

These amazing outfits are by designer Iris Van Herpen , who creates for Lady GaGa and Bjork, created using 3D printing.


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