You show me your’s and I’ll show you mine! (Made to Exchange results – Part 1)

18 artists and makers from UK, USA and Italy registered to become part of the “Made to Exchange” opportunity. On St. Valentine’s Day they all received a surprise email , telling them who they would be exchanging their wares with. Over the last few weeks their special objects have travelled miles and miles to new owners.

Let’s see who took part and what happened….

Most participants have put the results of the exchanges on their own websites, blogs and Facebook sites. I’ve uploaded any located images for you to look at and there will hopefully be a Part 2, when there are more images and comments located or emailed through to us here…

There have been some lovely comments and people have enjoyed the experience … Please take time to browse through any creative blogs and sites provided by people taking part … it all helps to share the love!

Enjoy…… (PART 1)

  • Sheena McDonagh (Stoke on Trent, West Midlands, UK ) and Beverley Holland (North West ,UK)

Please take some time to look at the pages and read comments and see more photos, they exchanged loads of items with each other………

Check this page link from Sheena and this link from Beverley showing some fab photos … don’t miss Beverley sporting a snazzy beret

Here is Beverley’s other website


  • Michelle Hunter-Grey in Stoke on Trent (Beadmouse) and Julia Harding in Derbyshire (Dotty Monkey) exchanged with each other – Just by chance two people with animal pseudonyms !

Michelle sent Julia a pretty beaded necklace and Julia sent Michelle an applique bag – they both seemed to choose similar colour themes which is great.

“This was my fab swap item, sent to me by Julia Harding of Dotty Monkey – Great fun 🙂 Glad I took part.” – Michelle.

Michelle shared her news on her personal facebook profile and on her Beadmouse page – Here is Julia’s “Dotty Monkey” page link for facebook, where you can also find a link to her Etsy shop and links for stockists in Glasgow :


Nicole received a beautiful notebook – hand-bound, stitched and printed by Fiona. Here are a few photos of the book cover in inner pages… and what a gorgeous lampshade Fiona received from Nicole …

“It was a really lovely Made to Exchange experience, thank you for the idea and the opportunity x x x” – Fiona

This is the fab message that Nicole sent to Fiona on her Facebook page as she was opening her exchange parcel

“Uhh how exciting, opening your parcel LOVE LOVE LOVE it and surely will be filled very soon….THANK YOU” – Nicole

Nixie Clothing has a Facebook page a website and a blog Dappled Sky ran an article about The Cultural Sisters in November 2011.


  • Deborah Rogers – also a member of The Cultural Sisters, made a swap with Scott Dare from San Francisco.

Scott is an actor and is currently on his travels around Europe. So Deborah sent her creation to his home and we’re just waiting to see what arrived in his mailbox, maybe when he gets home from his travels !

Scott sent Deborah a print of a photograph he shot in Rome on December 31st, capturing the moment when the rain finally stopped and people began to take down their umbrellas, just as the clock began to chime in the New Year.

(this is) “My fabulous exchange artwork from Scott Dare – loving it! What a great project, thanks.” – Deborah


Other exchange news we’re excited about and just waiting to see some updates include :

  • Zoe Best, living in Stoke on Trent and Paula Sharp – in Telford, made their exchanges and although I’ve not seen any photos yet, here is a lovely comment sent to Dappled Sky by Zoe

“I got mine, it is beautiful, really glad to have been involved, she said she liked mine too, so it was a successful exchange! Glad I did it.” – Zoe


  • Melanie Stace and Tom Prospero. Melanie – yet another fabulous member of The Cultural Sisters arts organisation in Stoke on Trent – was scheduled to exchange with Tom, who lives in Venice. Tom is also on his travels at the moment and sent us a email from Singapore to say he’ll be home soon and will get on the case – so we need to wait a little while and see what happened with that exchange.
  • Denise O Sullivan (Denise O’Sullivan Ceramics) and Heather Sproat (Woodchild)


  • Ceri Roberts (Whizzy Knitwits) and Clare Griffiths (Clarabella Miller) who have posted news ( I just can’t find it, so we are getting some pics by email soon hopefully)


  • Dee-Ann Sheerin and Amanda Fisher … really looking forward to seeing what they have swapped too.


Thanks everyone, the exchange was all about you guys.

Check back here soon to find out the latest news on exchangers … it’s an international thing! If you want to take part in the next Made to Exchange – watch this space for more news of the next opportunity.


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