Power House – Interview with Rachel Grant and Paine Proffitt

You can click on each page to open in a separate window and then you can zoom in to make the text bigger if you need it .

So, grab a mug of coffee, a few biscuits and settle down for read. Hope you enjoy it.

Interview took place on Sunday 8th January 2012, a sunny but chilly winters day.

Power_House. Page 1- Dappled SkyPower_House. Page 2- Dappled Sky

Hope that you liked reading all about Rachel and Paine. If you want to find out more about the projects mentioned in the article plus forthcoming exhibitions and places to buy their work, check out these links :

Artist websites and blogs:


Olympics project “Godiva Awakes” Imagineer Productions: http://www.imagineerproductions.co.uk/


3 thoughts on “Power House – Interview with Rachel Grant and Paine Proffitt”

  1. Reblogged this on Dappled Sky and commented:

    Its a good time to reblog this post because Rachel and Paine are about to open a joint exhibition this weekend at Barewall in Burslem (4th October 2014)
    The exhibition is called “Almost home” …. it will be wonderful , no doubt.


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