Made to Exchange – what a good idea

Would you love to receive a free, handmade piece of artwork, craft object, a photograph, a painting, accessory, an item that is creative and made just for you? You can if you take part in Made to Exchange.

To receive for your freebie all you have to do is make, craft, draw, photograph, create something lovely that you can exchange in return. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time making it.  Get your friends to take part too and you could even be exchanging with  somebody you know , or it could be an exciting exchange opportunity with someone in another country.

Just click on the picture above to find out more.

Closing date to register your interest is 8th February and just involves a quick email.

See instructions to get involved  🙂


One thought on “Made to Exchange – what a good idea”

  1. what a wonderful idea, I will exchange something, I’ll also get waren and the boys to as well so that’s 4 things coming from the best house!!!!!!!


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