5. 4. 3. 2. 1 … Go!

So its here !!! … 2012.

It has loomed on the horizon for sometime, 2012, 2012, 2012 … with all talk of the Olympics being held here in here UK. Whether you like sport or not, the Olympics is a big deal – if not only for the amount of money that has been spent.

  • Maybe you love it all ! Watching all the sports, the build up, presenting the flowers and the medals.
  • Perhaps you got your hands on some tickets – even if it’s just for the more obscure sports … water polo maybe!
  • Perhaps you just enjoy the opening ceremony and after that your interest wains.
  • Or perhaps you are totally opposed to it!

Whatever your view-point, it’s here, it’s happening.

Here are some of my favourite Olympic and Para Olympic posters, to get us started… lovely 2012 posters by Tracy Emin and Chris Ofili.

Tracy Emin - London-2012- Olympic and Para Olympic games poster

ChrisOfili-  For the Unknown Runner  - Olympics 2012 poster

There have been some great ceremonies in the past and some wonderful poster campaigns too, designed to fire the imagination. Here’s some blasts from the past…

100 years back in time to the Art Nouveau feel of the 1912 poster for Stockholm Sweden

Stockholm Sweden - Olympics-1912

Then on to the stylised patriots and proud drawings of the Paris 1924 poster edging towards the art deco style.

1924 Olympics Paris

Now, bear in mind this is during Wartime in Europe,  the rather inviting 1940’s poster for Helsinki feels like an elegant and luxurious holiday, relaxing with champagne.

1940 Helsinki olympics poster

Skipping a few years to funky Mexico in ’68 which had a gorgeous, colourful campaign of posters so fashionably retro.

Mexico_1968 (flowers)  1968-mexico

Mexico68 Olympic_poster with birds in trees

Mexico  1968 Olympics       Mexico 68 Cycling poster  Mexico City postage stamp  Olympics- 1968

Compare the the lovely retro design of the Mexico 68 cycling poster also used on stamps, to this year’s simply futuristic 2012 cycling poster for Stamford in London UK, by designer Alan Clarke…

Alan Clarke 2012 Olympics cycling poster

More fab and funky retro style posters of Munich 1972

Munchen - Munich 1972  Munchen - Munich 1972 Gymnastics

If you want to see some more 1972 Olympic posters in the flesh then why not go along to Wolverhampton Art Gallery before the end of April. Some are designed by David Hockney and have been brought out of the gallery’s collection to mark the occassion of the London Olympics.

The lovely – if not rather odd poster from Montreal, Canada in 1976 ( makes me think of the tv show ‘Mork and Mindy’… think it was Robin Williams rainbow braces, they were very  much of the time!)

Montreal 1976 Olympics poster

Into the 80’s with synchronised swimming and beautiful bathing caps at the Seoul Olympics 1988, Korea.1988 Seoul Olympics Poster- swimming

Bright and bold , Barcelona 1992

1992  Barcelona Olympics

Marking the turn of the millennium, this kangaroo inspired poster is far more artitsic than the standard campaign used for the Sydney posters in 2000 with fireworks and  a symbol.

2000 Sydney Olympics poster

2008 saw the last Olympic games in Beijing, with a jaw-dropping opening ceremony, amazing fireworks, thousands of participants… but some pretty average posters –  apart from these two – one shows energy and a stylish finish and the other … just makes me smile !

China - Beijing Olympic poster

beijing-mascots - 2008 olympics poster

I wonder what the UK ceremonies have in store for us? I hope we show the world a great show that’s not just a cheesy firework spectacular with too much of the old “Cor Blimey Guvna it’s Mary Poppins, Austin Powers, Swinging Sixties, Queen and country, red buses and Big Ben… by Jove I think she’s got it!”

Let’s hope it’s a spectacle of ingenuity, imagination, heritage, craft, skill and resourcefulness – showing everyone what you can do without breaking the bank (thats’s  if it’s not broken already !!!)

I’m sure there will be some great projects happening in your area of the UK over the next few months and they will be unveiled soon. It won’t just be events for sports groups and clubs, there will be artists, school, and organisations in your area that are involved somehow. Chances are that you may even know someone who is volunteering at the games. Hopefully DappledSky will be able to share some news about the artist working on ceremonies in West Midlands area. These things are pretty hush-hush, because the build up requires people to be surprised and allows them to enjoy the spectacle which artists and communities have been organising together over the past year. We know a few of the people involved and would love to share the news … when we are allowed 🙂 So watch this space !


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